Research Institute of Electrical Communication Tohoku University



Annual report 2008(PDF) (10.3MB)

   1.Preface  1
   2.Organization  3
   3.Research activities
Research division
 •Information devices division   5
 •Broadband engineering division 11
 •Human information systems division 21
 •Systems & software division 29
Laboratory and Center
 •Laboratory for nanoelectronics and spintronics 36
 •Laboratory for brainware systems 49
 •Research center for 21st century information technology 55
 •Management office for safety and health 59
 •Flexible information system research center 60
 •Fundamental technology center 61
   4.Nation-wide Cooperative research projects 62
   5.Symposium 71
   6.Study Groups on Electrical Communication 75
   7.International activities 79
   8.Periodicals published by the institute 83
   9.Staff, Land and Buildings,Budget 85
  10.Afterword 87