Research Institute of Electrical Communication Tohoku University


The RIEC award selection committee has recently announced the 5th

winners among the recommended nominees after its careful consideration.


*RIEC Award

Winner: Katsuhiro TOMIOKA

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

Hokkaido University

Achievements: “Study on Integration Technology of Semiconductor Nanowire

and its Application for Transistors”

Awarding Reason: He has developed a new epitaxial method of III-V

compound semiconductor nanowires on a silicon wafer and realized
various types of transistors that may surpass the performances of
the conventional MOS transistors. His achievements have been
attracting a great deal of attention globally and his further study is



*RIEC Award for Tohoku University Researchers

Winner: Ayumi HIRANO

Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering

Tohoku University

Achievements: “Study on an Artificial Cell Membrane Sensor Based on

Designing Semiconductor Nano-structures”

Awarding Reason: She has developed a high performance bio-sensing device

by combining a semiconductor technology and formation of bilayer
lipid membranes. Her achievements are expected to create new
sensor devices.



*RIEC Award for Tohoku University Students

Winner: Yuichi KAWAMOTO

DC3, Graduate School of Information Science

Tohoku University

Achievements: “A Study on Next Generation Satellite Routed-Sensor System

to Realize Effective Data Gathering”

Awarding Reason: He has been proposing an effective data collection method

by satellite routed sensor systems and their combination with

terrestrial networks.        His proposal is highly recognized

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