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How do people communicate abstract concepts, such as MA (間)?
MA(間) is a very important concept in Japanese culture. It is present in arts (e.g. music, dance, Rakugo), in architecture (e.g. Japanese zen garden design), and in commercial use (e.g. advertisement).
In this symposium, we bring in artists, scholars and scientists for a dialogue on MA(間) in their respective practices. The goal is to develop new avenues to scientifically study abstract concepts in interpersonal communication.


Organizer by: Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University
Co-Organizer:  Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Tohoku University
Venue: M531 Research Institute of Electrical Communication Main Building, Tohoku University, Katahira Campus


  12:30~13:00   Registration

  13:00~16:00   Talks

  1. Thinking together about togetherness (please confirm)
    Dr. Asaf Bachrach
    Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Paris, France
  2. Kongwu (空無, emptiness, nothingness) into performance
    Dr. I-Lien Ho
    National Sun Yat-Sen Univeristy, Kaoshiung, Taiwan
  3. Of things that fall in cracks, gaps and transformations: From
    Anthropology to Advertising
    Dr. John McCreery
    National Tsing-hua University, Taiwan

    16:00~16:30   Coffee Break
    16:30~19:20   talks


  5. Full of emptiness: How ‘Ma’ is made visible in the classical Japanese garden.
    Dr. Gert Jakobus van Tonder
    Kyoto University
  6. Talking about the Silence In Music
    Dr. Ya-Ting Wang
    Fo-Guang University, Taiwan
  7. Dr. Katsumi Watanabe
    Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan


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