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Research group of Mr. Hiroki Goto, Mr. Tatsunori Omiya, Dr. Keisuke Kasai, Dr. Masato Yoshida, and Prof. Masataka Nakazawa received the 2008 ELEX Best Paper Award from IEICE. ELEX (IEICE Electronics Express) is an English rapid online journal published by IEICE Electronics Society. This award is given to the best paper out of 600 articles published in 2008.

The award was given to the following paper: “Polarization and frequency division multiplexed 1 Gsymbol/s, 64 QAM coherent optical transmission with 8.6 bit/s/Hz spectral efficiency over 160 km” (IEICE Electron. Express, vol. 5, no. 18, pp. 776-781, 2008.), in which the authors successfully achieved a spectral efficiency as high 8.6 bit/s/Hz for the first time by frequency-division multiplexed transmission of 1 Gsymbol/s, 64 QAM optical coherent signal over 160 km.

The commendation ceremony and invited talk will be held at IEICE Society Conference starting on Sept. 15, 2009.


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