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  On October 22nd, 2018, Professor Taiichi Otsuji was awarded Fellow of the OSA (Optical Society of America). He is being recognized for “pioneering contributions to terahertz emission and detection exploiting two-dimensional plasmonic and electronic systems with semiconductor nano- and hetero-structures.”
  The OSA Grade of Fellow is conferred by theOSA Fellow Award Committee upon a person with an outstanding record of accomplishments in any of the OSA fields of interest. 2019 year 98 scientists including Prof. T. Otsuji awarded the OSA Fellow among 20,000 regular members of the OSA.
  The 2019 OSA Fellow Award Ceremony will be held at the following OSA-organizing premium international conferences to be held in 2019; at OFC 2019 during March 3-7, Sandiego, CA, CLEO 2019 during May 5-10, San Jose, CA, CLEO Europe during June 23-27, Munich, and FiO during Oct. 14-17, Washington, D.C.


賞に関する詳細情報:The Optical Society Announces 2019 Fellows Class



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