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On January 28, 2019, Masaya Suzuki, a 2nd-year MS student at Otsuji & Satou (Akira) Laboratory, RIEC, Tohoku Univ., received the Encouragement Prize for Best Student Paper Presentations at the Electronic Devices Research Committee Technical Meetings, Institute of Electronics, Information, and Communication (IEICE), Japan.
This prize is awarded to superior papers 1st-authored and presented by the students. This time the prize was given to his paper entitled with “2D Nanoantennas for Controlling Polarization Characteristics of a Grating-Gate Plasmonic THz Detector,” presented at the ED-Technical Meeting on “Millimeter- and Terahertz-Wave Devices and Systems” that was held in December 2019. The work was obtained through collaborative research with RIKEN Tera-Photonics Research Team heded by Dr. Hiroaki Minamide.



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