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World Leading Research Center for Spintronics has been established this year at Tohoku University with the aid of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in Japan for further development of science and technology based on Spintronics. Here the opportunity for young scientists working on Spintronics is offered to further enhance Spintronics research activity in Tohoku University.

1. Position:
  • Type: Assistant Professor
  • Number of positions: 5
  • Starting date: as soon as possible
  • Period of employment: 5 years from the initial appointment
2. Job descriptions: The successful candidates will join one of the experimental or theoretical Spintronics research groups in Tohoku University who work on the following topics.

  • Spin-centered science: fundamental science, e.g. physics and chemistry, related to Spintronics
  • Developments of advanced spintronic materials
  • Developments of characterization technique for Spintronic materials and devises
  • Novel spintronic devices and systems: fabrication, process, and testing

The successful candidates can perform their own researches in collaboration with the researchers and have an access to the state-of-the-art facilities in the research group and in Tohoku University.
Please find group leaders or professors for various Spintronics groups in Tohoku University in the web site:
Web site links for these groups are also listed in

3. Qualifications: Ph. D or related doctor’s degree is necessary
4. Application materials:
  1. CV with a photo
  2. Publications list
  3. A short summary of past research achievements (1-2 pages)
  4. Representative publications (up to 3 articles)
  5. A short summary of future research plan in collaboration with the research group in Tohoku University which candidates will hope to join (1-2 page).
  6. List of two references and contact information (Name, affiliation, e-mail address)
5. Deadline for application: Reception has been closed.
6. Application address: Please send the application materials as electronic pdf files to the following e-mail.
wlrcs-koubo* (*→@)
7. Contact: General query for this recruitment
Prof. Dr. Shigemi Mizukami, e-mail: wlrcs-koubo* (*→@)
Query for Spintronics research groups in Tohoku University
Please directly contact to each group leader / professor.