Research Institute of Electrical Communication Tohoku University


Tetsuo Kinoshita,Professor

Takuo Suganuma,Professor*

Gen Kitagata,Associate Professor*

Kazuto Sasai,Assistant Professor*

Masahiko Sato,Technical Official

Kenji Ota,Technical Official

Kazuto Sasai, Gen Kitagata, Tetsuo Kinoshita,
Masahiko Sato, K.Ota

The present information systems represented by computers are inflexible systems, because their uses are predefined and they provide only the fixed processing and functions. The flexible information system on the other hand, is a system which can perform the flexible information processing adapted to the human intention and situation of its environment beyond the limitations of the principles of the inflexible information processing. The aims of this center are to manage and operate information networks and systems based on the concept of the flexible information system, and support smooth research activities of RIEC.
Moreover, utilizing technical know-how acquired through applying the information networks and systems to practical use, we also design and construct a leading-edge system for advanced organization, utilization, administration, operation and dispatching of scientific information.

Research topics

  • Information collection, organization, dispatching, utilization and research support environment.
  • Advanced maintenance, management and operation of network.
  • Technical supports for information network and systems in the institute.

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