Research Institute of Electrical Communication Tohoku University


Yoshifumi Kitamura,Professor

Kazuki Takashima,Assistant Professor

K.Takashima Y.Kitamura


Research Activities

We systematically research a wide range of interactive modalities and content to benefit human-computer interaction. For example, we innovate digital content enriching and enabling daily-life communication, work, and leisure.

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Interactive Content Design(Prof. Kitamura)

Content is not always enjoyed alone but often in the company of others (e.g., friends, family, and so on) simultaneously. In these cases, it is necessary to consider the “environment” in which groups of people enjoy the content and “atmosphere” which is generated by the “environment.” We focus on non-traditional content areas other than movies, music, and games, by considering the atmosphere including 3D physical space, content and human. In this context, the focus of our group is in researching new and innovative techniques to interact with novel forms of content with the goal of enhancing the impact, effectiveness and hedonistic feelings of the content to improve and enrich people’s lives.

Research topics

  • Dynamic and Adaptive Spatial User Interface
    We are aiming novel spatial interfaces that dynamically adapt to users whole activities in a space by using situational awareness technologies including robotic displays.
  • Interactive Content Visualization
    Using an approach based on emergent computation, we propose a new technique to display various contents interactively and dynamically according to the situation.
  • 3D Motion Sensing and Interaction
    Designing novel real-time magnetic motion-tracking systems using multiple identifiable, tiny, lightweight, wirelessand occlusion-free markers, and its use with original 3D display systems.
  • Block Interface
    Designing novel building block systems by embedded-sensors to visualize actions and interactions while children play with blocks.
  • Kinematics-based Content Manipulation Technique
    Designing intuitive content manipulation techniques such as pointing, scrolling and zooming on various screen devices based on user kinematics and real-world metaphor.