Research Institute of Electrical Communication Tohoku University


Yoshifumi Kitamura,Professor

Kazuki Takashima,Associate Professor

Kazuyuki Fujita,Assistant Professor

Kazuyuki Fujita Yoshifumi Kitamura


Research Activities

We systematically research a wide range of interactive modalities and content to benefit human-computer interaction. For example, we innovate digital content enriching and enabling daily-life communication, work, and leisure.

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Interactive Content Design(Prof. Kitamura)

As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, everything around us is coming online, and joining integrated networks. Even everyday items like furniture are going digital. We view all artifacts, physical and digital, as content. Honoring the unique perspectives of people, systems, and the environments they inhabit, we study the interactions between types of content, with the ultimate goal of formulating cohesive, holistic, and intuitive approaches that promote efficiency, ease of use, and effective communication. We focus on content design to enhance living.


  • Dynamic and Adaptive Spatial User Interfaces
    We are designing novel spatial interfaces that dynamically adapt to users activities by using situational awareness technologies and robotic displays.
  • Interactive Content Visualization with Emerging Algorithms
    We propose new visualization techniques based on emergent computation in order to display a large amount of data interactively and dynamically according to users’ various demands and situations.
  • 3D Motion Sensing and Interaction
    We design novel real-time magnetic motion-tracking systems using multiple identifiable, tiny, lightweight, wireless and occlusion-free markers, and explore new possibilities for 3D user interfaces.
  • Block-based User Interfaces
    We build novel building block systems with embedded-sensors to visualize and classify children’s playing activities for behavioral assessments.
  • Kinematics-based Content Manipulation Techniques
    We design effective content manipulation techniques (e.g., selection and scaling) for various screen types based on kinematics theory and users’ real-world experiences.
  • Interactive Drone Content for Entertainment / Wildlife Symbiosis