Research Institute of Electrical Communication Tohoku University


Tetsuo Kinoshita,Professor

Gen Kitagata,Associate Professor

Hideyuki Takahashi,Assistant Professor

Kazuto Sasai,Assistant Professor

T.Kinoshita K.Sasai H.Takahashi G.Kitagata


Research Activities

People expect that various networks exist everywhere in the society and information systems over such networked environment support everyday life and social activities of people and create new life styles as well as information society. This laboratory aims at research and development of advanced network-based intelligent systems.

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Intelligent Communication (Prof. Kinoshita)

It becomes an important problem to develop intelligent systems, which can cooperate with various people as the humanfriendly, easy-to-use, intelligent partners, in order to support various creative activities of people in an active and autonomic way. To realize such an intelligent system, we propose a concept called Cyberware as an infrastructure of cybersociety that provides people a new information environment in which people and intelligent systems can work together cooperatively. We aim at studying advanced information technologies to realize a new infrastructure of cybersociety based on cooperation and coordination of both people and intelligent systems over the networked environment, using the agent based computing technologies.

Research topics

  • Software Infrastructure of Cyber society (Cyberware)
  • Multiagent framework / Design methodology
  • Knowledge-based communication services /  User-oriented networking
  • Agent-based/Knowledge-based/Network-based systems

Intelligent Network (Assoc. Prof. Kitagata)

With Intelligent Network, networks and services must have the ability to autonomously construct/reconstruct themselves, according to change of user demands or changes in the environment. To realize such a system, we investigate network software, based on agent and multi-agent technology, networking technology and service infrastructure.

Research topics

  • Knowledge based network middle-ware / Application software
  • High tolerability networking / Intelligent networking
  • Next generation ubiquitous service infrastructure

Agent/Multiagent System and its applications
Network Management System based on Active Information Resources
Multiagent-based Sensor Management Infrastructure