Research Institute of Electrical Communication Tohoku University


(Takahiro Hanyu),Professor

Simon J. Greaves,Associate Professor


Research Activities

Our main interest lies in high-density information storage technology. The core technology is magnetic recording with fast data transfer and large storage capacity, which is applied in hard disk drives and magnetic tape storage. Recently, multi-media information, such as digital movies and music, that requires very large storage capacities is used in broad applications from internet to mobile communication. This trend accelerates the areal density increase of magnetic recording. Recording theories, devices, and systems based on perpendicular recording are being studied in order to attain ultra-high density information storage. Our target is terabit storage (over 5 Tbits/inch2 areal density), in which the bit size corresponds to an area of 10 nm by 10 nm.

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Recording Theory Computation(Assoc. Prof. Greaves)

A computer simulation utilizing micromagnetics is being carried out to obtain design guidelines for ultra-high density recording.

Research topics

  • Micromagnetic simulation for high density read/write theory

Fig. 1 Read/write measurement using a single-pole head and a perpendicular medium.
Fig. 2 A large-scale storage system with parallel HDD operation.