Research Institute of Electrical Communication Tohoku University


Shunsuke Fukami,Associate Professor

Shun Kanai,Assistant Professor

Justin Llandro,Assistant Professor

Chaoliang Zhang,Assistant Professor

Justin Llandro(left) Shunsuke Fukami(right)


Research Activities

Our research activities aim to deepen the understanding of spin-related physics and to develop new functional materials and devices in which electron and spin states are controlled. We are also working on research and development of advanced technology for spintronics-based devices and integrated circuits, which are expected to realize high performance and low power consumption owing to their nonvolatility.

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Nano-Spin Materials and Devices(Assoc. Prof. Fukami)

To realize high-performance and low-power integrated circuits based on spintronics, we are working to develop technologies for current-driven fast switching of magnetization in nanoscale devices through material developments and investigation of magnetization dynamics. We also aim to open up new applications utilizing spintronics devices such as neuromorphic computing.

Research topics

    • Dynamics of magnetic domain and domain wall in nanoscale magnet
    • Control of magnetization utilizing the spin-orbit interactions
    • Development of high-performance spintronics memory devices

Modulation of magnetic domain structure through the electric-field effects on magnetic parameters.
Demonstration of neuromorphic computing utilizing artificial neural network with analog spintronics devices used as synapses.