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March 06, 2014 Symposiums
56th 5th International Workshop on Nanostructures and Nanoelectronics
March 06, 2014 Symposiums
55th 8th International Symposium on Medical, Bio- and Nano-Electronics
April 21, 2013 Symposiums
53rd 6th Global Symposium on Millimeter Wave 2013
March 11, 2013 Nation-wide Cooperative Study Group
November 15, 2012 Symposiums
49th The 1st RIEC International Symposium on Brain Functions and Brain Computer
November 15, 2012 Award
(Japanese) 鈴木・坂本研究室 Jorge TrevinoさんがAES Japan Section Conference in Sendai 2012において学生ペーパーアワード最優秀賞を受賞(2012年10月11日)