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RIEC News 2017.3 No.4

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Special ISSUE
JSPS KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Sci. Rsch. (S) Creation of 2D-Atomically-Thin-Layered Heterojunctions and their Applications to Novel Terahertz Photonic Devices
RIEC International Symposium on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques: New Horizon
The 4th RIEC International Symposium on Brain Functions and Brain Computer
The Joint Symposium of 10th International Symposium on Medical, Bio- and Nano-Electronics,7th International Workshop on Nanostructures & Nanoelectronics
Nation-Wide Cooperative Research Projects
INSIDE the Laboratory
Information Devices Division
Materials Functionality Design Laboratory
Human Information Systems Division
Electromagnetic Bioinformation Engineering Laboratory
Cyberscience Center
Research and Development Division of Communication Infrastructures
Systems & Software Division
Soft Computing Integrated System Laboratory
Systems & Software Division
Environmentally Conscious Secure Information System Laboratory

RIEC News 2016.3 No.3

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Special ISSUE
Commemorative Ceremony Held for the Opening of RIEC Main Building and the RIEC 80th Anniversary
MEXT Program
Development of Highly Available Anti-disaster Information Storage Infra-structure
Human cortical neurons respond to intermediate hues, not just red/green, yellow/blue and their combinations.
The Joint Symposium of 9th International Symposium on Medical, Bio- and Nano-Electronics, 6th International Workshop on Nanostructures & Nanoelectronics
RIEC Award Giving Ceremony
INSIDE the Laboratory
Broadband Engineering Division
Applied Quantum Optics Laboratory
Information Devices Division
Quantum-Optical Information Technology Laboratory
Broadband Engineering Division
Advanced Wireless Information Technology Laboratory
Systems & Software Division
Software Construction Laboratory

RIEC News 2015.3 No.2

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Special ISSUE
Completion of RIEC Main Building
Development of Highly-Functional Scanning Nonlinear Dielectric Microscopy (SNDM) and its Application to Electronic Devices
Ultrahigh-Speed / Spectrally-Efficient Coherent Optical Transmission
INSIDE the Laboratory
Laboratory for Nanoelectronics and Spintronics
Semiconductor Spintronics Laboratory
Human Information Systems Division
Visual Cognition and Systems Laboratory
Information Devices Division
Nano-Photoelectronics Laboratory
Broadband Engineering Division
Ultra-Broadband Signal Processing Laborator
Laboratory for Brainware Systems
New Paradigm VLSI System Laboratory

RIEC News 2014.11 No.12

RIEC News 2014.11 No.1 PDF Download
Message from Director
Prof. Hideo Ohno
Toward the creation of graphene terahertz lasers
Prof. Taiichi Otsuji
Tohoku University's Focused Research Program "RIEC-RLE Project"
Prof. Masataka Nakazawa
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