INSIDE the Laboratory

Broadband Engineering Division

Ultra-Broadband Signal Processing Laboratory

Taiichi Otsuji, Professor
Tetsuya Suemitsu, Associate Professor
Stephane Albon Boubanga-Tombet, Associate Professor

We are responsible for exploring the devices/circuits/systems utilizing terahertz (THz) electromagnetic waves. The technical staff includes Associate Professors Tetsuya Suemitsu and Stephane Albon Boubanga-Tombet (Congolese), Assistant Professors Akira Satou and Susumu Takabayashi, Visiting Professor Victor Ryzhii (Russian), Post-Doctoral Fellows Adrian Dobroiu (Rumanian) and Takayuki Watanabe, Research Assistant Kayo Ueno, and Professor Taiichi Otsuji. Two doctor-course and nine master-course students in the graduate school, and three bachelor-course students in the undergraduate school are studying in our laboratory, including four foreign students (Ms. Deepika Yadav (DC-1) from India, Ms. Mastra binti Hussin (MC-2) from Malaysia, Mr. Stevanus Arnold (MC-1) from Indonesia, and Mr. Christian Koguchi (BC-3, an undergraduate exchange student from UCSD, USA). The laboratory is full of international atmosphere, and all the members are always enjoying the wide variety of cultural, academic, and lifestyle exchange/interaction.

THz waves, situated between radio waves and light waves, attract attention in various scenes such as safety, security, and ultra-broadband wireless communications. In order to realize these industrial real-world applications and to break through conventional technological limitations, we are developing novel THz functional devices that can be integrated and can operate at room temperature. Creation of new types of graphene-based THz lasers, development of THz detectors/emitters using two-dimensional plasmons in semiconductor quantum wells, and ultrafast transistors and ICs are the primary concerns of our research activities in international collaborations with Japanese, US, Russian, French, Spanish, and German scientists under the financial support of JSPS Specially Promoting Research, JST-CREST, JST-ANR Japan-France Strategic International Collaborative Research Project, JSPS Japan-Russia Bilateral Joint Research Project, Tohoku Univ. RIEC Nation-Wide Japan-Spain Joint Project, and Tohoku Univ. RIEC-RLE Project, Japan, and NSF-PIRE TeraNano Program, USA. Among these international collaborations we are actively promoting the exchange of scientists and students every year. For more information, please visit our homepage.

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