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Cyberscience Center

Research and Development Division of Communication Infrastructures

Takuo Suganuma, Professor
Toru Abe and Satoru Izumi, Associate Professor

As represented by IoT systems, it is becoming more convenient, secure, and safe for people to use large-scale, super-distributed, and diverse information and communication systems in everyday life. In order to realize it, we must not only aim at improving the quality of service of individual elements at the hardware, software and network level but also create a new system design/development methodology as a whole system. In addition, it is necessary to design networks and applications by a new design paradigm beyond the concept of user-centered design. This laboratory conducts research and development to realize "a new communication environment in which diverse elements constituting human, social, mono, natural environment, and cyber space are highly harmonized". This laboratory was established in October 2010 as a research and development division of Tohoku University Cyberscience Center. This year, there are a total of 6 faculty staff members, including Professor Takuo Suganuma, Associate Professor Toru Abe, Associate Professor Satoru Izumi, one doctoral researcher, one research assistant and one administrative assistant, and a total of 18 students.

Our major research contributions include: (1) "Smart routing scheme" based on Software Defined Network (SDN) technology, which dynamically switches to a communication route for reliably and rapidly transmitting information while taking into consideration the network usage situation and the risk of disaster, (2) A knowledge intensive IoT platform with consideration of privacy (iKaaS Platform), and its daily-living support applications, (3) A new "Flexible IoT architecture" with user directionality and environmental adaptability, aiming at solving the inflexibility of traditional IoT architectures, and others.

Tago-nishi VR Town Management System using iKaaS Platform

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