Special ISSUE / Completion of RIEC Main Building

1. Introduction

RIEC's new building was finally completed in November 2014, more than 20 years after its initial planning. The building has been named as "RIEC Main Building", which is appropriate for its function.

The basic concept of the RIEC Main Building is "Providing an environment and functions to support world-leading frontier ICT research and education, as RIEC shall lead research in the field of electronic communications for a hundred years or more".

The completion was delayed for only about 4 months, in spite of the shortage of construction materials and workers by the East Japan Great Earthquake.

2. Characteristics and Features

The building has 5 stories and a basement level, but some portions are 6 stories. The total floor space is 13,513 m2, which is one of the largest buildings in the Katahira Campus of Tohoku University.

The above-ground part of the building has a seismic isolation structure, resilient to big earthquakes and ordinary wind vibrations. There are special laboratories arranged inside, such as an electromagnetic anechoic chamber, a shielded room, an anechoic room and low vibration laboratories, that will provide R&D environments for accomplishing our mission of creating communications technologies that enrich people's lives.

Near to the entrance, an open atrium and lounge, an open seminar room, and an exhibition room are found.

Large, medium, and small size conference rooms on the 6th floor and many seminar rooms on other floors have been arranged for enabling a variety of conventions or symposia. Graduate school lectures will also be held in this building.

16 laboratories and the bureau section will move to the building by the end of March 2015, and will start research and education with renewed vigor.

3. Future Developments

In addition to the construction of the main building, RIEC has been planning to rebuild the existing Building No.2, where the remaining laboratories, library and facilities are to be moved.

The completion of the RIEC Main Building will definitely improve the environment for research and education, fostering the tradition of promoting cutting-edge R&D by all staff and students together.

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