RIEC Award Giving Ceremony

The 5th RIEC Award giving ceremony was held on 25 November 2015 at Hitotsubashi Hall, Tokyo, where RIEC also held its symposium named ‘Tokyo Forum 2015’ .

The RIEC Award was established in 2011 together with the Foundation for the Promotion of Electrical Communication (FPEC) to promote the development of the electrical communication field. The award is given to young researchers who have made outstanding contributions to the development of scientific principles or applied technologies in this field and who are expected to contribute more into the future.

Hideo Ohno, Director of RIEC gave a congratulatory address and Hidetoshi Matsuki, Representative Director of FPEC gave awards in the ceremony, followed by a commemorative speech by Katsuhiro Tomioka, the RIEC Award winner. RIEC has high expectations of the winners, as well as the other nominees, for their future success in the development of electrical communication.(Atsushi Ohori)

RIEC Award

Katsuhiro Tomioka(Center); Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University
“Study on Integration Technology of Semiconductor Nanowire and its Application for Transistors”

RIEC Award for Tohoku University Researchers

Ayumi Hi rano(2nd r igh t); Gr adu ate School of Biome dical Engi neerin g, Tohoku University
“Study on an Artificial Cell Membr ane Sensor Based on Designing Semico nductor

RIEC Award for Tohoku University Students

Yuichi Kawamoto(2nd left); DC3, Graduate School of Information Science, Tohoku University
“A Study on Next Generation Satellite Routed-Sensor System to Realize Effective Data Gathering

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