The 4th RIEC International Symposium on Brain Functions and Brain Computer



The 4th RIEC International Symposium on Brain Functions and Brain Computer was held on February 23-24, 2016, at the conference room in Nanoelectronics and Spintoronics building. This annual symposium was founded in 2012 with the aim to gather researchers in fields such as semiconductor engineering, computer engineering, robotics, applied mathematics and physics, cerebral physiology, neuroscience, psychophysics, nonlinear physics and so on, and to present and discuss interdisciplinarily about latest research results. With 4 invited overseas speakers from America, Germany, Spain, and Sweden, this year' s symposium was composed of 12 oral and 10 poster presentations.

The topics discussed in the symposium cover a broad range of fields and include magnetic resonance imaging of neural activity, signal analysis of neuronal network activity, measurement of neural signals using high-density multi-electrode array, reconstruction of neural network upon epilepsy, deep brain stimulation for epilepsy or Parkinson's disease, circuit model of cortical neurons or thalamic neurons, visual processing hardware for motion stereo vision, quantum neuron model. Fruitful question-and-answer sessions are actively carried out in interdisciplinary atmosphere.

Because many parts of information processing mechanism of brain remain unexplained, it is expected that this kind of symposium, which provides opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange, plays a growing role in future. From an engineering viewpoint, rapid application of findings in brain science to computer technology is very important.

(Prof. Shigeo Sato)

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