The Joint Symposium of 10th International Symposium on Medical, Bio- and Nano-Electronics,7th International Workshop on Nanostructures & Nanoelectronics



The 10th International Symposium on Medical, Bio- and Nano-Electronics and the 7th International Workshop on Nanostructures & anoelectronics were jointly held on March 1-3, 2016, at the conference room in the Laboratory for Nanoelectronics and Spintronics Building. Total of 127 participants gathered from US, Germany, UK, and Japan for 20 invited talks and 16 poster presentations.

In the session for nanostructures and their applications, recent topics in nanotubes, nanosilicon, nanopores, and biological nanomembranes were actively discussed, from their fabrication and characterization to device applications including as solar cells and sensors. Notable was the broadness of the topics –biosensors based on the lipid bilayer, a biological nanomembrane, formed on a nanofabricated silicon chip, stochastic sensors, single electron devices, etc. – making us confident that this interdisciplinary field will keep on growing and developing. In the session for biomedical electronics, talks were given on the fundamentals and cutting-edge applications in biomedical engineering, including clinical imaging and therapy using ultrasound, non-invasive sensors for monitoring blood glucose level, and chemical image sensors.

Fruitful discussions were made across multiple disciplines that participants came from, such as nanoelectronics and biotechnology. This type of interactions will no doubt drive future breakthroughs.

(Prof. Michio Niwano)

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