Nation-Wide Cooperative Research Projects

The Research Institute of Electrical Communication has a long history of fundamental contributions in many fields of engineering and science. On the basis of this rich historical background the Institute was designated as National Center for Cooperative Research in 1994 and we organized the Nation-Wide Cooperative Research Projects. The main themes for Cooperative Research are selected annually by the Committee for Cooperative Research Projects. Each project approved by the Faculty Council of the Institute is carried out by a team of researchers that include members of the Institute as well as outside participants. The Project Selection Committee that includes members from the outside of Tohoku University has a judging function for project proposals.



In 2016, 110 projects are working as the Nation-Wide Cooperative Research Projects, and are divided in 7 categories as follows; International Cooperative Research, Intend Large Research Project, Advanced Research, Exploratory Research, Young Researcher's Project, Industry-University Cooperative Research, and Inter-Organizations. During them, the International Cooperative Research and Young Researcher's Project were newly categorized in 2015. The projects on this category received favorable funding.

Annual Meeting on Cooperative Research Project on 2016FSY takes place on 23rd Feb. 2017. On this meeting, 10 oral speakers present the research works on the projects of International Cooperative Research Projects, Inter-Organization Research Projects, and Young Researchers' Projects. In addition, more than 80 poster presentation show the results of the projects.

(Prof. Kazushi Ishiyama)

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