Shioiri Satoshi


Born in Ueda, Japan in 1958

Spent the period of undergraduate and graduate days at Tokyo Institute of Technology in Tokyo and in Yokohama.

After receiving a Doctor degree in engineering, went to Montreal as a postdoctoral fellow and lived in University of Montreal for about three years.

Came back to Japan and worked for ATR in Kyoto as a research fellow for about one year.

Moved to Chiba University and worked there for 15 years from 1990.

Since 2005, have been working at Research Institute of Electrical Communication at  Tohoku University.


Professor Satoshi Shioiri

Research fields

Vision science including motion perception, depth perception, color vision, eye movements and visual perception, visual attention and conscious and unconscious visual processes.

Kageokuri: sending your shadow to the sky. After watching your shadow (the left picture) for a while, look the sky (the right picture)  to see the after the image of your shadow. The after image usually looks very large. The perceived size is determined perhaps by the estimated distance to the afterimage in the sky, but I wonder how you can estimate the distance to the sky.