Download HRTF and anthropometric dataset

Accessing the data requires MATLAB or GNU Octave. In addition it is necessary to install the API for reading and writing the data in SOFA (Spatially Oriented Format for Acoustics)[1]. Each impulse response was measured at a sampling frequency of 48 kHz. For some subjects, sex is shown in a list. Note that the subjects 46 and 80 are the HRTFs of dummy head.

Here is the sample m-file to extract HRTF data from SOFA file and plot impulse responses and spectrum for a certain source direction. Before running the m-file, you must install the SOFA API, then add the search path to be able to use the SOFA API in MATLAB or GNU Octave.

Update Information

We apologize, but the data published before 2022/11/18 had an error in the metadata of the sound source distance at an elevation angle of 90 degree.
  • Error: 1.0 m
  • Correction: 1.5 m
There is no problem with the measurement data itself.

Sub HRTF Anthropometry Notes
All subjects zip
sub001 hrtf male
sub002 hrtf male
sub003 hrtf male
sub004 hrtf stl female
sub005 hrtf stl male
sub006 hrtf
sub007 hrtf stl male
sub008 hrtf stl male
sub009 hrtf male
sub010 hrtf male
sub011 hrtf
sub012 hrtf stl female
sub013 hrtf male
sub014 hrtf
sub015 hrtf stl male
sub016 hrtf
sub017 hrtf
sub018 hrtf stl female
sub019 hrtf stl female
sub020 hrtf stl male
sub021 hrtf stl male
sub022 hrtf male
sub023 hrtf stl male
sub024 hrtf stl male
sub025 hrtf male
sub026 hrtf male
sub027 hrtf male
sub028 hrtf male
sub029 hrtf stl female
sub030 hrtf male
sub031 hrtf stl male
sub032 hrtf
sub033 hrtf male
sub034 hrtf stl male
sub035 hrtf
sub036 hrtf stl male
sub037 hrtf stl female
sub038 hrtf
sub039 hrtf stl female
sub040 hrtf stl male
sub041 hrtf stl male
sub042 hrtf
sub043 hrtf stl male
sub044 hrtf stl female
sub045 hrtf stl male
sub046 hrtf stl Dummy head with torso (SAMRAI)
sub047 hrtf male
sub048 hrtf
sub049 hrtf
sub050 hrtf stl male
sub051 hrtf stl male
sub052 hrtf stl male
sub053 hrtf
sub054 hrtf stl male
sub055 hrtf stl male
sub056 hrtf stl female
sub057 hrtf stl male
sub058 hrtf stl male
sub059 hrtf stl male
sub060 hrtf male
sub061 hrtf stl male
sub062 hrtf stl male
sub063 hrtf stl male
sub064 hrtf stl female
sub065 hrtf stl male
sub066 hrtf
sub067 hrtf female
sub068 hrtf
sub069 hrtf
sub070 hrtf
sub071 hrtf
sub072 hrtf
sub073 hrtf
sub074 hrtf
sub075 hrtf
sub076 hrtf
sub077 hrtf
sub078 hrtf
sub079 hrtf
sub080 hrtf Dummy head with torso (KEMAR)
sub081 hrtf
sub082 hrtf
sub083 hrtf
sub084 hrtf
sub085 hrtf
sub086 hrtf
sub087 hrtf
sub088 hrtf
sub089 hrtf
sub090 hrtf
sub091 hrtf
sub092 hrtf stl
sub093 hrtf
sub094 hrtf
sub095 hrtf
sub096 hrtf
sub097 hrtf
sub098 hrtf
sub099 hrtf
sub100 hrtf
sub101 hrtf
sub102 hrtf
sub103 hrtf
sub104 hrtf
sub105 hrtf


  • [1] P. Majdak, Y. Iwaya, T. Carpentier, R. Nicol, M. Parmentier, A. Roginska, Y. Suzuki, K. Watanabe, H. Wierstorf, H. Ziegelwanger, and M. Noisternig, “Spatially oriented format for acoustics: A data exchange format representing head-related transfer functions,” Proc. 2013 International AES Convention, P12-3 (11 pages) (2013).