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上野 雄大 (Katsuhiro Ueno)

Research Interest

Design and implementation of programming languages, functional programming, and software design.



Lecture notes are available only for students and staffs of Tohoku University.

Papers and Presentations

注意: 発表スライドはあくまで参考のために公開しているものであり,それ単独で有用な資料となることを意図していません.また,スライドは発表当時の聴衆の傾向や会場の雰囲気などに合わせて作成しているため,学術資料と見たときに不適切と思われるかもしれない表現やジョークが含まれていることがあることにご留意下さい.

Note: Presentation slides are available for your information, but every slide is not intended to be an useful material as itself. Since the slides are made just for audiences at the presentations, they may include some expressions or jokes which you might feel inappropriate as academic publications.



UENO Katsuhiro.
Ohori-Ueno Lab., RIEC, Tohoku Univ.
Katahira 2-1-1, Aobaku, Sendai, 980-8577 Japan.
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To master's applicants: Be forewarned that we are unlikely to have research students. Do not send us inquiries for the opportunity of a research student. If you want to ask me something anyway, write a message that demonstrates your particular interest in our publications. Do not send me files larger than 100 KB in total without our request. We ignore emails that do not satisfy these conditions.