Yoshifumi Kitamura

Interactive Content Design

Yoshifumi Kitamura

Deputy Director, Professor
Research Institute of Electrical Communication

Interdisciplinary ICT Research Center for Cyber and Real Spaces

Tohoku University

北村 喜文


電気通信研究所 教授・副所長

サイバー&リアルICT学際融合研究センター センター長

Interactive Content Design

Yoshifumi Kitamura


Studies in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Interactive Content Design (ICD) help us understand, design, and develop tools and media that enrich our lives. Pursuing this work with ambitious people from diverse backgrounds provides a positive and productive workplace.


With the Internet-of-Things (IoT) everyday objects are becoming intelligent. As IoT expands, we are working to develop approaches that make a positive contribution to the world.


Understanding computational relationships between systems, spaces, humans, and their environments is an emerging area requiring increased research and development.


We see all artifacts, whether physical or digital, as content. Using human, spatial, and environmental perspectives, we explore interactions between content. Our ultimate goal is to formulate cohesive, holistic, and intuitive solutions supported by efficient communication.