HIRANO LAB RIEC/AIMR, Tohoku University

Nano-Bio Hybrid Molecular Devices Laboratory

Creation of artificial cell membrane system by fusion of
biomolecules and Nano/Micro-Fabrication

Ayumi Hirano-Iwata

Our laboratory aims to construct functional biodevices and systems by integrating nanotechnology and microfabrication techniques cultivated in the field of electronics with various biomaterials such as cell membranes, membrane proteins, and neurons.
To this end, we are working daily to create new medical and electronic devices that utilize the properties of these biomolecules, and to construct new experimental systems to investigate the principles of information processing in the cranial nervous system.

  • Research theme ①

    Sensing of Adverse Effects of Candidate Drugs and Development of Tailored Medicine

    Using the device shown above, we hope to create a sensor that can rapidly detect the side effects of candidate drugs, which will be useful for future tailor-made medicine.

  • Research theme ②

    Creation of photoreactive nanobiodevices

    As applied research using artificial cell membranes, we are also working on the creation of completely new nano-bio hybrid devices that respond to external light.

  • Research theme ③

    Construction of cultured neuronal networks

    We are also conducting research to understand how the brain processes information by constructing neural circuits by arranging nerve cells on a substrate and examining their functions.


A review on ion channel-based sensor was published in JJAP
A paper on ion channel-based sensor was published in Scientific Reports
A paper on organic solar cells was published in Organic Electronics
A paper on microfabricated neuronal networks was published in APL
A paper on microfabricated neuronal networks was published in PRE
A paper on the ion channel-based sensor was published in BJ
Daisuke's paper on a novel organic transistor was published in JAP
New homepage!
Ryosuke's paper on a glial cell sheet was published in APL
Ayumi received the RIEC Award
Launched a JST-CREST Program: Construction of ion and electron nano-channels in super-resistive lipid bilayers