Study Groups on Electrical Communication

Study Groups on Electrical Communication are organized to solve scientific and technological problems and to promote research and development through the collaboration of the Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Group of ECEI (Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, and Information Engineering) in Graduate Schools of Engineering, Information Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, related scientists and engineers inside and outside Tohoku University. The Study Groups on Electrical Communication consist of 15 Sub-Groups as listed, to deal with specific subjects. Each Sub-Group holds workshops and the abstracts of the workshops are published annually in The Record of Electrical and Communication Engineering Conversazione Tohoku University.
Many scientists and engineers not only from universities but also from government laboratories and industries attend the workshops, present papers, and discuss issues very actively. We are pleased to provide information on these activities upon request. Please contact the General Chairman or each Sub-Group Chairman for general information or more specific questions.

Title of Sub-Group

Electromagnetic and Optical Waves Engineering
Acoustic Engineering
New Paradigm Computing
Tohoku Plasma Forum
Ultrasonic Electronics
Sendai Seminar on EMC
Computer Science
Mathatical Physics and its Application to Information Science
Systems Control
Biocybernetics and Bioinformatics
Nanoelectronics and Spitronics