Research Center for 21st Century Information Technology(IT-21 Center)

The purpose of the IT-21 center is development of practical technologies for IT, based on the advanced technologies of RIEC with the partnership among Industry, Government and Universities. The term of development is limited less than 5 years. The projects are planed on matching with both basic technologies in the University and application in the Industry. Combination of the technologies of the University and Industry makes practical technologies with availability for the commercial products. The center actively accelerates to obtain the intellectual properties generated from the development of practical technology to the Industry.

Industry-Academia-Government-Collaboration Research and Development Division Wireless ICT Platform Project

[ Project Reader, Professor* ] Noriharu Suematsu
[ Associate Professor* ] Suguru Kameda
[ Assistant Professor* ] Mizuki Motoyoshi
[ Specially Appointed Professor ] Takashi Shiba
[ Visiting Professor ] Yasunori Suzuki
[ Visiting Professor ] Kenichi Maruhashi

Interdisciplinary Collaboration Research Division Research project of human value estimation of multimodal information based on informatics paradigm to manage both quality

[ Project Leader, Professor* ] Satoshi Shioiri
[ Professor* ] Nobuyuki Sakai
[ Assistant Professor* ] Kosuke Yamamoto

Exploratory Research Division Wireless IoT Technology for a Safe & Secure Medication Management System

[ Project Leader, Associate Professor* ] Suguru Kameda
[ Professor* ] Noriharu Suematsu
[ Professor* ] Takahiro Hanyu
[ Professor* ] Kazushi Ishiyama
[ Professor* ] Naofumi Homma
[ Professor* ] Qiang Chen
[ Assistant Professor* ] Mizuki Motoyoshi