Fundamental Technology Center

[ Director, Professor ] Shigeo Sato
[ Assistant Professor ] Nobuyuki Sato
[ Technical Staff ] Tamotsu Suenaga
[ Technical Staff ] Yuko Maruyama
[ Technical Staff ] Hiroyuki Yagyu
[ Technical Staff ] Maho Abe
[ Technical Staff ] Takenori Tanno
[ Technical Staff ] Michimasa Musya
[ Technical Staff ] Kento Abe
[ Technical Staff ] Kenji Ota
[ Technical Staff ] Kana Sekiya
[ Technical Staff ] Yasuaki Maeda
[ Technical Staff ] Koichi Shoji
[ Technical Staff ] Iori Morita
[ Technical Staff ] Rikima Ono

Research Activities

Pioneering studies in research areas from basic sciences to applied communication technologies have been performed at this institute. Technical staffs have traditionally contributed to these efforts through the use of their well-established skills, experience, and knowledge. To accelerate such contributions in the future, a fundamental technology center encompassing all technical staffs and an assistant professor was established in 2007. This center provides technical skills of machining, physical and chemical measurements, materials processing, and information management through the following four divisions.
The machine shop division focuses on advanced machining techniques and supplies the experimental apparatus (e.g., see Fig.1.) that are required by different laboratories. This division also provides machining instructions to the students and faculty members who pursue machining independently. The evaluation division offers various evaluation and measurement instruments such as X-ray diffractometer (see Fig.2) and electron probe X-ray micro analyzer (see Fig.3). Glass processing techniques can also be provided. In addition, this division is responsible for supplying cryogen. The processing division offers electron beam lithographic techniques, photolithographic techniques and focused-ion beam processing techniques in cooperation with the cooperation section of the Laboratory for Nanoelectronics and Spintronics. This section also manages clean rooms for experiments. Finally, the information technology division operates the in-house network of the institute and manages commonly used information equipment in cooperation with the Flexible Information System Center. In addition, this division engages in the collection and management of intellectual property-related information.

Figure 1 Teflon chamber for fluorescence measurements
Figure 2 X-ray diffractometer (XRD)

Research topics

  • Providing of technical skills of machining, physical and chemical measurements, material processing, and information management.
  • Maintaining of the in-house network of the institute.
  • Technical supports for safety and security of the institute.
Figure 3 Electron Probe X-ray Micro Analyzer (EPMA)