Advanced Acoustic Information Systems

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[ Professor ] Shuichi Sakamoto
Advanced Acoustic Information Systems

Research Activities

We aim to develop advanced and comfortable acoustic communication systems exploiting digital signal processing techniques. To realize this, we are keenly studying the information processing that takes place in the human auditory system. Moreover, we also investigate the mechanisms for multimodal information processing, including hearing. We mainly apply a psycho-acoustical approach to study human auditory and multimodal perception. In this sense, our research is characterized by its high interdisciplinary nature which covers acoustics, information science, communications engineering, electronics, audiology and psychology.

Advanced Acoustic Information Systems (Prof. Sakamoto)

Research topics

  • Mechanism of multisensory information processing including hearing
  • Development of high-definition 3D sound space acquisition systems
  • Auditory information systems based on multisensory information processing

We study the mechanism of human multimodal processing, including hearing. In particular, we focus on speech perception as an audio-visual process, the judgment of auditory space during motion and the impression of a sense-of-reality in multimodal content. Such knowledge is crucial to develop advanced communication and information systems. Based on this knowledge, we are developing future auditory information systems.

Accurate sound space communications system based on higher order Ambisonics by using 157ch loudspeaker array
Head-related transfer functions as a function of elevetion. Poles and zeros change systematically with the rise of elevetion.