Laboratory for Brainware Systems

[ Director, Professor ] Takahiro Hanyu

The Laboratory for Brainware Systems of the Research Institute of Electrical Communication was established in 2004 and renewed in 2014. Its purpose is to contribute to the research and development of advanced information science and technology for Brainware systems which realize a seamless fusion of the changeable and complex real world and the cyber space.
We aim at establishing scientific and technological foundations and at exploring human-like brainware computing applications for Adaptive Cognition and Action Systems Division (Recognition and Learning Systems Group), Autonomous Decentralized Control Systems Division (Real-World Computing Group), Brainware LSI Systems Division (New Paradigm VLSI System Group and Soft Computing Integrated System Group), and brain architecture Division (planned ). The Laboratory for Brainware Systems consists of the above four divisions which cooperatively carry out the research. At the same time, they serve as a laboratory for nation-wide cooperative research in the field of Brainware systems.
The technology developed in the Laboratory is expected to enhance the research carried out in the four Divisions of the Institute, and the research conducted in the Divisions, in turn, is expected to provide scientific basis for the information technology developed in the Laboratory.