Electromagnetic Bioinformation Engineering

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[ Professor ] Kazushi Ishiyama
Electromagnetic Bioinformation Engineering Associate

[ Professor ] Shuichiro Hashi
Electromagnetic Bioinformation Materials

Research Activities

For realizing good communication with human body, and for realizing the properties of the human body as an information system, we have to realize the function of the human body as information in addition to catch the signals from the human body. Our research division works on the technology for sensing the information from the human body and for approaching action to the human body. We are focusing to realize the communication technology with human body and to contribute information and communication systems and medical-welfare spheres.

Electromagnetic Bioinformation Engineering (Prof. Ishiyama)

High-frequency carrier-type magnetic field sensor, which is developed in our laboratory, obtains the world-highest field sensitivity in room temperature under the works for materials, micro-fabrication techniques, controlling the magnetic properties. This sensor is studied for sensing system for bio-information. As one of the approaching system for human body, wireless actuators and manipulators are investigated. This technology is important for a basic study for robots working in the human body. A part of this wireless driving technology is applied for a development of completely embedding artificial heart assist blood pump and a motion system for a capsule endoscope working in the colon tube.

Research topics

  • Super high sensitivity magnetic field sensor
  • High-frequency electromagnetic measuring system
  • Micro magnetic actuator
  • New medical equipment using magnetic
High frequency carrior-type thin film magnetic field sensor
A prototype of wireless artificial heart assist blood pump

Electromagnetic Bioinformation Materials (Assoc. Prof. Hashi)

Stressless and painless acquisition technique for accurately capturing the motion or the information of a human body is strongly desired in the area of the medical treatment and/or rehabilitation therapy. In this research division, sensing systems for temperature and for hardness are studied as no contact sensing systems. In addition, wireless magnetic motion capture system is studied for the medical and welfare use. Development of functional magnetic materials and its fabrication process are also studied to progress these magnetic sensing systems.

Research topics

  • Wireless magnetic sensing system
  • Functional magnetic materials
  • Magnetic devices & materials for energy
Wireless magnetic motion capture system