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[ Professor ]Hiroshi Yasaka
Highly Functional Photonics

[ Associate Professor ]Masato Yoshida
High accuracy optical measurement

[ Assistant Professor ]Nobuhide Yokota

Research Activities

We are investigating novel, highly functional semiconductor photonic devices and laser light sources, which is indispensable to realize new generation optical information communication network systems. Furthermore, our research interests cover ultrafast photonic devices including laser sources, opto-electronic semiconductor devices and their applications to optical computing and signal processing areas.

Highly Functional Photonics(Prof. Yasaka)

Research topics

  • Ultra-high speed control of semiconductor photonic devices by signal light injection
  • Highly functional semiconductor light sources
  • Highly functional semiconductor optical modulators
  • Novel functional semiconductor photonic integrated circuits

We have been studying highly functional semiconductor photonic devices and semiconductor photonic integrated circuits based on semiconductor lasers and semiconductor optical modulators to create novel semiconductor photonic devices, which can control intensity, phase, frequency and polarization of optical signal freely. Furthermore we research novel semiconductor photonic functional devices based on novel principle to realize innovative photonic information communication network systems.

Narrow linewidth optical negative feedback semiconductor laser chip

High accuracy optical measurement(Assoc. Prof. Yoshida)

Research topics

  • Frequency stabilized lasers and their application to high accuracy optical measurements
  • Ultrashort mode-locked lasers and their application to frequency standards and microwave-photonics

We are engaged in the development of frequency stabilized laser operated at 1.55 µm and its application to high accuracy optical measurements. Furthermore, we are developing ultra-short pulse lasers.

(a) Lasing spectra under free run and feedback conditions
(b) magnified spectrum under feedback condition