Principles, Missions, Objectives


Close and smooth communication is the foundation of sustainable growth of our society with rich humanity. The Research Institute of Electrical Communication (RIEC) carries out research and education utilizing its originality and mobility, and develops science and technology for creating communications that enriches people’s lives. Thus the RIEC contributes to the prosperity of academy and society, and the welfare of humanity.


The RIEC has a long tradition of original research and achievements in the fields of high-density and high-level information and communications. With this in mind, and taking advantage of the mobility enjoyed by a university-affiliated institute, we continually investigate and research scientific principles and applied technologies aimed at creating communication technologies that enrich humanity, including harmonious man–machine interfaces, and continue to serve as the center of information and communication research in Japan.


We are making advances in research ranging from basic materials and information science to integrated systems comprising devices, circuits, architecture and software that generate, recognize, transmit, store, process and control information, on the basis of collaboration between researchers from RIEC and other organizations. Moreover, we are boldly working on the expansion of our research findings to other filed and the interdisciplinary research. In so doing, we investigate scientific principles as well as meet social expectations directly based on our tradition “spirit of practical science”. In other words, we always keep in mind the social usefulness while conducting basic researches and carry out creation and implementation of fundamental technologies that generate new industries, and consequently we contribute to the revitalization of our society and economy. Moreover we fulfill social expectations by training top-level researchers and engineers as an integrated part of our state-of-the-art research activities.