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[ Professor ] Yoshifumi Kitamura
Interactive Content Design Associate

[ Kazuki Takashima ] Kazuki Takashima
Human-Content Interaction Assistant

[ Assistant Professor ] Kazuyuki Fujita

[ Assistant Professor ] Kaori Ikematsu

[ Specially Appointed Assistant Professor ] Cheng Miao

Research Activities

As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, everything around us is coming online, and joining integrated networks. Even everyday items like furniture are going digital. We view all artifacts, physical and digital, as content. Honoring the unique perspectives of people, systems, and the environments they inhabit, we study the interactions between types of content, with the ultimate goal of formulating cohesive, holistic, and intuitive approaches that promote efficiency, ease of use, and effective communication, we focus on content design to enhance living.

Interactive Content Design(Prof. Kitamura)

Research topics

  • Interactive Content Visualization with Emerging Algorithms
  • 3D Motion Sensing and Interaction
  • Virtual Reality and User Interface based on Cross-modal Effect
  • Interactive Drone Content for Entertainment / Wildlife Symbiosis

This team explores novel motion tracking systems that significantly expand design opportunities of various interactive spatial content and new interactive content design technologies that effectively and flexibly manage higher-dimensional content.

Human-Content Interaction(Assoc. Prof. Takashima)

Research topics

  • Dynamic and Adaptive Spatial User Interfaces
  • Sensor Blocks and Interface
  • Human Physical-based Content Interaction Techniques
  • Touch Interaction using Smart Devices

This team attempts to understand the relationship between human and spatial elements surrounding of them and develop spatial user interfaces that enhance human’s abilities and interactions among them. We mainly work on adaptive and flexible interfaces using virtual and physical displays to make various interaction scenarios easier and more comfortable.