Communication Network Systems

[ Professor ] Go HasegawaInformation Network Architecture Associate

[ Associate Professor ] Gen KitagataIntelligent Network

Research Activities

Information network system is now ubiquitously spread in the world to support everyday life and social activities of people, and it becomes a key factor to create new life styles as well as information society. This laboratory aims at research and development of advanced information network systems from theory to implementation.

Information Network Architecture(Prof. Hasegawa)

Research topics

  • Highly reliable, high performance, and highly available information network
  • Design and control mechanisms of virtualized network/system
  • Next-generation mobile network architecture
  • Performance evaluation techniques for advanced information network

The number of the users of the Internet, huge information network, has reached to 4.0 billions and the Internet is now essential infrastructure for people’s everyday life. However, the current Internet has various problems such as increased energy consumption, accommodation of massive and diversified IoT systems, and inevitable network congestion. For resolving such problems and realizing advanced information society, we aim at realizing highly-reliable, high-performance, and highly-available information network architecture, and research topic such as design and control mechanism of virtualized network / system, next-generation mobile network architecture, and performance evaluation techniques for advanced information network.

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Researches on Information Network Architecture

Intelligent Network (Assoc. Prof. Kitagata)

Research topics

  • Knowledge based network middle-ware / Application software
  • High tolerability networking / Intelligent networking
  • Next generation ubiquitous service infrastructure

With Intelligent Network, networks and services must have the ability to autonomously construct/reconstruct themselves, according to change of user demands or changes in the environment. To realize such a system, we investigate network software, based on agent and multi-agent technology, networking technology and service infrastructure.

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Autopoiesis networking that adapts to large-scale changes of elements