Environmentally Conscious Secure Information System

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[ Professor ] Naofumi Homma
Environmentally Conscious Secure Information System Assistant

[ Assistant Professor ] Rei Ueno

Research Activities

The emerging information and communication infrastructures such as Internet of Things are expected to generate a new value and bring us a more fruitful society. On the other hand, they bring a new type of security risks that we have never met and solved before. The new risks include the nullification of applications by data forgery and the falsification of critical control information in factories. These risks are not always addressed by conventional technologies and their naïve extensions. We are studying future information security systems from theories to implementation technologies for constructing information and communication infrastructures in a safe and secure manner.

Environmentally Conscious Secure Information System(Prof. Homma)

Research topics

  • High performance/lightweight security computing
  • Hardware security for embedded systems
  • Security systems conscious of usage environment and applications
  • Electromagnetic information security

We are studying theories and technologies for developing secure information and communication systems to ensure security and reliability from the level of vast and diverse information sources (i.e., embedded devices such as sensor terminals), not only to ensure the network and software security. We are also studying the security design, analysis and evaluation technologies for embedded systems that heavily depend on the usage environment and applications. In addition, along with the challenge to the social implementation of the above research results, we are promoting the standardization works through the activities in various standardization committees.

Overview of environmentally conscious secure information system research