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Research Divisions

Information Devices Division Researchers Information


ProfessorYoichi UeharaNano-Photoelectronics

Associate ProfessorSatoshi KatanoNano-photomolecular electronics

Solid State Electronics

Professor(Shigeo Sato)

Professor(Tetsuo Endoh)

Associate ProfessorHirokazu FukidomeSolid State Physics for Electronics

Research FellowFuminori Sasaki

Dielectric Nano-Devices

ProfessorYasuo ChoDielectric Nano-Devices

Associate ProfessorKohei YamasueNanoscale Dielectric Measurement Systems

Assistant ProfessorYoshiomi Hiranaga

Materials Functionality Design

ProfessorMasafumi ShiraiMaterials Functionality Design

Associate ProfessorKazutaka AbeMaterials Science under Extreme Conditions

Assistant ProfessorMasato Tsujikawa

Assistant ProfessorHikari Shinya

Tufan Roy Research FellowTufan Roy

Quantum Devices

Associate Professor Tomohiro OtsukaQuantum Devices


Associate ProfessorShunsuke FukamiNano-Spin Materials and Devices

Assistant ProfessorShun Kanai

Assistant ProfessorJustin Llandro

Assistant ProfessorChaoliang Zhang

Nano-Integration Devices and Processing Group

ProfessorShigeo SatoNano-Integration Devices

Associate ProfessorMasao SakurabaGroup IV Quantum Heterointegration

Research FellowKwan-Soo Kim

Magnetic Devices(Visitor Section)

Broadband Engineering Division Researchers Information

Ultrahigh-Speed Optical Communication Group

ProfessorToshihiko HirookaUltrahigh-Speed Optical Communication

Assistant ProfessorKeisuke Kasai

Applied Quantum Optics Group

ProfessorHiroshi YasakaHighly Functional Photonics

Associate ProfessorMasato YoshidaHigh accuracy optical measurement

Assistant ProfessorNobuhide Yokota

Advanced Wireless Information Technology

ProfessorNoriharu SuematsuAdvanced Wireless Information Technology

Associate ProfessorSuguru KamedaAdvanced Wireless Network Technology

Assistant ProfessorMizuki Motoyoshi

Information Storage Systems

ProfessorYoichiro TanakaInformation Storage・Computing Systems

Associate ProfessorSimon GreavesRecording Theory Computation

Ultra-Broadband Signal Processing

ProfessorTaiichi OtsujiUltra-Broadband Devices and Systems

Associate ProfessorAkira SatouUltra-broadband Device Physics

Assistant ProfessorTakayuki Watanabe

Research FellowVictor Ryzhii

Quantum-Optical Information Technology

ProfessorKeiichi EdamatsuQuantum-Optical Information Technology

Associate ProfessorYasuyoshi MitsumoriQuantum Laser Spectroscopy

Assistant Professor Soyoung Baek

Assistant Professor Fumihiro Kaneda

Assistant Professor Nobuyuki Matsumoto

Research FellowNaofumi Abe

Basic Technology for Broadband Communication(Visitor Section)

Human Information Systems Division Researchers Information

Electromagnetic Bioinformation Engineering

ProfessorKazushi IshiyamaElectromagnetic Bioinformation Engineering

Associate ProfessorShuichiro HashiElectromagnetic Bioinformation Materials

Advanced Acoustic Information Systems

Professor(Satoshi Shioiri)

Associate ProfessorShuichi SakamotoAuditory and Multisensory Information Systems

Assistant ProfessorJorge Alberto Treviño López

Assistant ProfessorZhenglie Cui

Visual Cognition and Systems

ProfessorSatoshi ShioiriVisual Cognition and Systems

Associate ProfessorIchiro KurikiCognitive Brain Functions

Associate Professor Chia-Huei TsengAttention and Learning Systems

Assistant Professor Sae Kaneko

Assistant Professor Yasuhiro Hatori

Research FellowMuhammad Alfian Amrizal

Information Content

ProfessorYoshifumi KitamuraInteractive Content Design

Associate ProfessorKazuki TakashimaHuman-Content Interaction

Assistant ProfessorKazuyuki Fujita

Realーworld computing

ProfessorAkio IshiguroAutonomous Decentralized Control Systems

Associate ProfessorTakeshi KanoReal World Mathematical Modeling

Assistant ProfessorAkira Fukuhara

Nano-Bio Hybrid Molecular Devices

ProfessorAyumi HiranoNano-Bio Hybrid Molecular Device

Assistant ProfessorDaisuke Tadaki

Assistant ProfessorMaki Komiya

Multimodal cognitive system

Professor*Nobuyuki SakaiMultimodal Cognitive System Group

Assistant ProfessorKosuke Yamamoto

Multimodal Computing(Visitor Section)

Systems & Software Division Researchers Information

Software Construction

ProfessorAtsushi OhoriSoftware Construction

Associate ProfessorKatsuhiro UenoReliable Software Development

Assistant Professor Kentaro Kikuchi

Computing Information Theory

ProfessorKeisuke NakanoComputing Information Theory

Assistant ProfessorKazuyuki Asada

Communication Network Systems

ProfessorGo HasegawaInformation Network Architecture

Associate ProfessorGen KitagataIntelligent Network

Environmentally Conscious Secure Information System

ProfessorNaofumi HommaEnvironmentally Conscious Secure Information System

Assistant ProfessorRei Ueno

Soft Computing Integrated System

ProfessorYoshihiko HorioSoft Computing Integrated System

New Paradigm VLSI System

ProfessorTakahiro HanyuNew Paradigm VLSI System

Associate ProfessorMasanori NatsuiNew Paradigm VLSI Design

Assistant ProfessorNaoya Onizawa

Assistant ProfessorDaisuke Suzuki

Research FellowAkira Tamakoshi

Information Social Structure(Visitor Section)

Research Facilities

Laboratory for Nanoelectronics and Spintronics Researchers Information Read more

Laboratory for Brainware Systems Researchers Information Read more

Recognition and Learning Systems

ProfessorSatoshi Shioiri*Visual Cognition and Systems

Associate ProfessorShuichi Sakamoto*Auditory and Multisensory Information Systems

Research Center for 21st Century Information Technology Researchers Information Read more

Industry-Academia-Government-Collaboration Research and Development Division
Wireless ICT Platform Project


Professor*Noriharu Suematsu

Associate Professor*Suguru Kameda

Assistant Professor*Mizuki Motoyoshi

Visiting Professor*Hiroshi Okazaki

Interdisciplinary Collaboration Research Division
Research project of human value estimation of multimodal information based on informatics paradigm to manage both quality


Project Leader, Professor*Satoshi Shioiri

Professor*Nobuyuki Sakai

Assistant Professor*Kosuke Yamamoto

Exploratory Research Division
Wireless IoT Technology for a Safe & Secure Medication Management System


Project Leader, Associate Professor*)Suguru Kameda

Professor*Noriharu Suematsu

Professor*Takahiro Hanyu

Professor*Kazushi Ishiyama

Professor*Naofumi Homma

Professor*Qiang Chen

Assistant Professor*Mizuki Motoyoshi

Common Research Facilities

Fundamental Technology Center

Machine Shop Division

Evaluation Division

Process Division

Information Technology Division

Promotion Office

Specially Appointed ProfessorHiroyuki OgawaOffice for the Promotion of International Relations

Specially Appointed Professor*Hiroki ShojiCooperative Research and Development

Related Departments

Research Center for 21st Century Information Technology Researchers Information

Research Division on Communication Infrastrucres(Suganuma & Abe Group)

ProfessorTakuo Suganuma

Associate ProfessorToru Abe

Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences Researchers Information

Advanced Interdisciplinary Research Division(Shimatsu Group)

ProfessorTakehito Shimatsu

Administration Office

Administration Office

General Affairs Section

Cooperative Research Section

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Accounting Section

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