Exploratory Research Division Interactive Drone Content for Entertainment / Wildlife Symbiosis
Fig.1Overview of Third-Person Piloting: (a) Two drones are flying:primary and coupled second drone. Primary one is controlled by a pilot to capture a man walking along the street in its first-person perspective (FPP). Second is semi-automatically flying orbitally around primary one to capture third-person perspective (TPP); (b, c,d) Pilot can observe FPP and TPP and change TPP’s direction by rotating a miniature on controller.

[ Project Leader, Professor* ] Yoshifumi Kitamura

Research Activities

This project aims to develop core technologies of interactive drone content for real industrial use including entertainment and wildlife symbiosis, through close industry/academia/government cooperation. It is expected to support continuous development of drone technologies through this innovation, and produce new industry and services in response to societal needs.

Research topics

Fig.2 Concept of crow-type-drone to communicate with crows

(1) Development of intuitive user interface for a drone pilot and techniques for video sharing and distribution.

We propose Third-Person Piloting, a novel drone manipulation interface that increases situational awareness using an interactive third-person perspective from a second, spatially coupleddrone.

(2) Development of crow-type-drone to communicate with crows.