Industry-Academia-Government-Collaboration Research and Development Division Wireless ICT Platform Project

[ Project Reader, Professor* ] Noriharu Suematsu
[ Associate Professor* ] Suguru Kameda
[ Assistant Professor* ] Mizuki Motoyoshi
[ Specially Appointed Professor ] Takashi Shiba
[ Visiting Professor ] Yasunori Suzuki
[ Visiting Professor ] Kenichi Maruhashi

Research Activities

Mobile wireless communication technology is one of the significant communication technologies that support the ICT society, connected with the high-speed backbone network using optical fiber. Evolution of the mobile wireless communication technology in Japan is indispensable to keep the leadership in this technology area in the world.

With the partnership of Japanese major mobile wireless manufacturers and Japanese Type I carrier, the mobile wireless technology group of the IT-21 center has been proposing the concept of “Dependable Air,” which is a heterogeneous and highly-reliable wireless network. The Dependable Air is able to work even in the event of a big disaster.

As a result, so far, (1) 5GHz-band 324Mbit/s wireless LAN terminal, (2) ultra-small size 3D system-in-package (SiP) millimeter wave wireless terminal for uncompressed high definition television (HDTV) transmission have been successfully developed, and (3) seamless handover technology for wide area broadband mobile wireless access (MBWA) and seamless system handover technology between MBWA and wireless LAN have been successfully demonstrated by field tests. Moreover, the Dependable Air with satellite communication systems such as Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) has been proposed for improvement of dependability of wireless network.

The mobile wireless technology group started the projects entitled “R&D on Technologies to Densely and Efficiently Utilize Radio Resources of Unlicensed Bands in Dedicated Areas (from FY2017)” and “R&D on Adaptive Media Access Control for Increasing the Capacity of Wireless IoT Devices in Faetory Sites” which are supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. In addition, our group would like to contribute to the local industries in Tohoku area including the establishment of venture companies based on our developments.

Research topics

  • Broadband wireless communication technologies for Dependable Air
  • Technologies to Densely and Efficiently Utilize Radio Resources of Unlicensed Bands in Dedicated Areas
Fig.1 5 GHz-Band 324 Mbit/s Wireless LAN terminal
Fig.2 Ultra-small-size 3D SiP millimeter wave wireless terminal for uncompressed HDTV
Fig.3 MBWA field test (Base station)
Fig.4 Dependable Air