Exploratory Research Division Wireless IoT Technology for a Safe & Secure Medication Management System
Fig.1 Battery-less tablet-pasting-type sensor

[ Project Leader, Associate Professor* ] Suguru Kameda
[ Professor* ] Noriharu Suematsu
[ Professor* ] Takahiro Hanyu
[ Professor* ] Kazushi Ishiyama
[ Professor* ] Naofumi Homma
[ Professor* ] Qiang Chen
[ Assistant Professor* ] Mizuki Motoyoshi

Research Activities

Medical costs that continue to increase with progress in aging society and medical advances are serious social problems on the worldwide scale. In order to reduce medical expenses, it is indispensable to construct a medication management system that enables inventory control and confirmation of ingestion.

This division conducts exploratory research on establishing a safe medication management system using wireless IoT technology. The goal of this research is the realization and practical implementation of system construction that allows patients to take medication management just by taking tablet-type medicine. In this research, we are now studying for the battery-less tablet-pasting-type sensor by applying wireless IoT technology.

This project started with a 3-year research plan in FY 2017, but as an evaluation of research results at the end of FY 2019, the research period was extended by 2 years until the end of FY 2021.

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Fig.2 Safe medication management system