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Soft Computing Integrated System Laboratory

Yoshihiko Horio, Professor

The Horio-lab., which is located on the 3rd floor in the Nanoelectronics and Spintronics building, was established on April 2016. Currently, Prof. Horio, and one doctorate course and two undergraduate students are starting up the lab.

Many studies have been made to unravel and utilize the flexible, robust, efficient, and high-level information processing in the brain. A recent booming of the artificial intelligence together with a stall of the Moore's law desires a novel brain-inspired computing system, which is conceptually different from the current von Neumann-type digital computer. On the other hand, advanced semiconductor nano-devices and ultra-low power CMOS integrated circuits are going to make it possible to realize a very large-scale brain-inspired hardware system. Under this situation, we are trying to create a novel brain-inspired computing paradigm and its VLSI engineering applications. In the paradigm, we focus on rich dynamics of neurons and neural networks by regarding the brain as a complex system with a uniquely organized structure.

We have made several flexible high-performance hybrid computing hardware systems, in which dynamics and algorithms respectively correspond to sub-conscious and conscious processes in the brain. Currently, we are advancing these concepts to a brain-body whole-organism computing paradigm. A novel computational system based on the new paradigm would have a certain type of self or low-level consciousness as an integrated complex dynamics. The engineering realization of such a system needs a new brain-inspired LSI with advanced semiconductor nano-devices, which unifies processing and memory to simultaneously learn, memorize and process information. As a consequence of our research, a user-friendly, thoughtful, kind, and user-dependent braininspired computer as a reliable partner is expected.

We welcome students and researchers, who have interests in this field, to join our laboratory.

A dynamics/algorithm (sub-conscious/conscious) hybrid brain-inspired computer prototype for quadratic assignment problems, and a large-scale chaotic neural network IC chip.

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