Publicity Activities

RIEC Open Day

Every year RIEC holds an open day to present research and educational activities to the public, university staff, students and alumni as well as representatives from the industry.
The RIEC Open Day is taken place on Saturday and Sunday just before the Sports Day in October. All the research laboratories, research centers, and machine shops of RIEC exhibits various types of demonstrations focused on their research fields.
The exhibitions includes some historical devices and instruments developed in RIEC, such as magnetron tubes and steel recorders, historical milestones of RIEC activities. In addition, we have planned a number of open experiments and craft classes that parents and children can participate in, which have been well received. Some of them draw long lines every year.
In 2019, we had been making diligent preparations for the RIEC Open Day. However, a huge typhoon, Typhoon 19, was approaching just before the event, the event was regrettably canceled. We are planning to hold the next RIEC Open Day for two days in October 2020 as in usual years. Your participation is greatly welcomed.
In addition, please enjoy virtual RIEC Open Day on the following Web page.



As a part of RIEC’s publication service, “RIEC News” is published.
With the 75th anniversary of the establishment of RIEC, RIEC News introduces cutting-edge’s research and the vision of the future from RIEC’s contributions to the progression of science and technology in Japan. RIEC News was first launched in March 2011. In fiscal year 2018, 23th, 24st and 25nd issues were published. Every issue introduces special topics such as large scale projects and Specially-Promoted Research, etc. RIEC News also includes current information about each laboratory and center, all kinds of RIEC events, research exchange meetings, laboratories open to the public (RIEC Open Day), etc. English version was also launched in March 2014.
With the 26th issue of RIEC News, it has finished multi-monthly publication style as before. From April 2020, in order to bring you the latest research results and event information as quickly as possible, RIEC News was renewed to a new web-based publication style. The new RIEC News is published by the following link.