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Environmentally Conscious Secure Information System Laboratory

Naofumi Homma, Professor

>Visualization of Information Leakage via EM radiation

Visualization of Information Leakage via EM radiation

The Homma laboratory was established in June 2016. Officially named the "Environmentally Conscious Secure Information Systems Laboratory," it is located on the fourth floor of the main building. Currently, Professor Homma is the laboratory's only faculty member, but he is pursuing ongoing collaborative research with the Aoki Laboratory in Tohoku University's Graduate School of Information Sciences, where he was formerly a member. The Homma laboratory is pursuing research and development on the design, evaluation, and verification of security for information and communication systems, with the goal of building networked systems that enable everyone to use the next-generation communication infrastructure with confidence and to enjoy its benefits securely. The laboratory's main research theme is the development of technologies for building secure information and communication systems to ensure security and reliability at the level of vast and diverse information sources (i.e., embedded devices such as sensor terminals). Specifically, current research is focused on ultra-high-speed, ultra-low-power LSI computing to perform security functions such as encryption and error-correcting codes, secure implementation technologies to protect systems from various physical attacks (attacks carried out by physical access to the system), and security evaluation technologies tailored to the system usage environment (the information environment and electromagnetic environment). The laboratory is also actively collaborating with universities, companies, and government agencies in Japan and overseas in order to implement the results obtained from this research and development across society. In the future, the laboratory aims to establish integrated system security design and evaluation technologies that take into account everything from hardware algorithms to system implementation and the usage environment. The laboratory welcomes visitors who are interested in these kinds of information security research and/or would like to collaborate on this research.

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