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[ Professor ] (Masafumi Shirai)
[ Associate Professor ] Satoshi Katano

Research topics

  • Optical excitation of a single atom and molecule.
  • Controlling of the chemical reaction and geometry of a single molecule.
  • Molecular electronics based on the nano molecular assembly.

Research Activities

The research goal of the nano-photoelectronics laboratory is to elucidate the physical and chemical properties of electronic materials where the light and electrons interacted in the nanometer region. We are also interested in the basic research issues to create new information device materials which are indispensable for the development of advanced optical information communication. By using atomic scale manipulation, we are promoting research to achieve next-generation optoelectronic devices with high functionality and efficiency.

Nano-photomolecular Electronics (Assoc. Prof. Katano)

Fabrication of a nanostructure on the carbon nanotube using scanning tunneling microscope (STM)
We are interested in the nanostructures where the light and electrons interacted.  To elucidate the photoelectronic properties of a single molecule and nanostructure, we utilize scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and STM-based spectroscopy (scanning tunneling spectroscopy and STM light emission spectroscopy). We are also interested in the methods for the fabrication of nanostructures using the molecular deposition and self-assembled monolayer techniques. Theoretical calculations are used complementary to experiments. By using STM, individual atoms and molecules can be manipulated and can be induced chemical reactions with the atomic scale precision. Utilizing such ultimate fabrication methods, we conduct research on the control of chemical, physical, and optoelectronic properties of individual nanostructures. Through such nanoscience research, we develop the principles of processing and operation of next-generation electronic devices.