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The public invitation to and implementation of the RIEC Nation-wide Cooperative Research Project Program have been undertaken annually on a fiscal year basis. Usually, the public invitation process begins in mid-January, when guidelines for applying for participation in cooperative research projects in the following fiscal year are published, with the end of February set as a deadline for submission of applications by Principal Investigators (PIs). The cooperative projects selection committee screens application documents to decide applications to be adopted and informs PIs of results in mid-April. The period of research is from the day of the dicision to March 15. Each PI are required to submit a report on collaborative research after the end of his/her project.
As described in the “Philosophy and Overview” above, this cooperative research program is based on the precondition of cooperative studies with research collaborators of RIEC and, therefore, it is necessary for each PI to ensure a research collaborator of RIEC before applying the coopreative research program.


Application Guidelines for RIEC Nation-wide Cooperative Research Projects in FY2019

 The first application term:
   from Jan. 15 to Feb. 28, 2019 ( strictly abide by the deadline )

 The second application term:
   from Apr. 15 to Jul. 19, 2019 ( strictly abide by the deadline )
 ※Now acceptiong applications



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RIEC Cooperative Research Project Office, Tohoku University

RIEC Annual Meeting on Cooperative Research Projects

 We have been holding the “RIEC Annual Meeting on Cooperative Research Projects” since fiscal 2010 as an occasion for announcing the results of cooperative research projects.
A program and other information are posted on relevant pages of the Meeting. Items with * attached can be seen as video footage.